Friday, March 16, 2012

shopping the barns

Today I took a little road trip to horse country in Frederick, Maryland. 
It's only an hour away and it's an easy drive but I've never ventured out there before.  

It's the barn sale weekend and I wanted to see my new friend Kelly's shop.  It was worth the drive!! 
First I stopped at the Stylish Patina barn. The ladies were all so friendly and there were some really great buys.  I bought some vintage brass and crystal wall sconces that I plan to use in my master bath when we redo it. 

Then I headed over to Chartreuse & Co. 
This place was really two barns in one location.  

The rustic barn had lots of old painted furniture priced to sell. 

There were piles and piles of furniture behind a makeshift wall that I'm guessing weren't ready for prime time yet.

I bought this great old bed for Drew's room.  
In the "fancy" barn there were upholstered pieces that I loved. A lot of old frames. A lot of old frames turned chalkboards. A lot of old lighting fixtures. 

The main barn is more upscale but with good prices. I think I just walked around with my jaw dragging on the floor. There were so many beautiful things and I found so many inspiring ideas I intend to use. 

As I was standing in line to check out I had to snap a picture of this card. I thought it was funny.
The barns are open one weekend a month from Friday through Sunday.  It's a fun day trip.

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About Last Weekend said...

Loving that card and what a treasure trove of a store, I see many things I love, the purple chair, the striped very fun dresser! (and yes that card would be great as i am often found to be whining about my princely first world problems!)

flwrjane said...

Oh I want to go....maybe next month.

It looks fantastic, thanks for the tour.

xo Jane

the gardener's cottage said...

omg julie. that bed for drew is amazing. i would have been dying, so many beautiful things. beautiful overload!!!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

That pink settee is darling. Its so funny to see that bed. I have a set of two that are stained not painted. It looks like lots of fun but Frederick is a 2 hour hike for me :(

Bonnie said...

Oh how jealous am I? It looks like a trip well worth your time. Hugs! Bonnie

designchic said...

How fun to peruse all of the wonderful the french settee!!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Oh I am loving that second store. It must be hard not to take everything home. It's like looking at dangerous.