Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Mother's Day

There is an old rap song and the refrain is, "I get it from my momma".  Have you heard it?  Well whenever I do something that Matt thinks is pretty cool he asks me, "where do you get ____(fill in the blank)".  I respond with that refrain, "I get it from my momma".  

Mom and all but one of her grandkids

I know it's not mothers day, but last week was my mother's "day". She turned 70.  She is amazing and has been an incredible inspiration to me.  I would never have tried to do half the projects I have, if I hadn't grown up with her and her can-do attitude. 

That's dad on the left--don't they look great?

She was a stay-at-home mom to four kids and did the plumbing, electrical, furniture stripping, sewing, gardening, cooking, saving animals, small appliance repair, and yes even upholstery. To this day she is the first person I call when I have any kind of question or something brakes and I want to know how to fix it.  She is the one who came over to help me hang the chandelier in my dining room.  And she came with a tool box equipped with every imaginable piece or part we might need to get that thing to stay. 

We celebrated her birthday with a dinner at my sister's beautiful house. 

My Sister

She and I ran around pulling together the pieces to set a table that would be pretty and make our mom feel special.  We went with a brown and green fall theme. We bought green glasses at Home Goods and brown and green runners from Tuesday Morning. We used my sisters pears and my green candles. 

The dinner was a lot of fun and it felt "fancy" but not fussy. The grandkids all got to take home balloons, so that made it really feel like a party!

Our fall table setting in green and brown

I love you mom! 


the gardener's cottage said...

aww how sweet julie. you look a lot like your mom too. what a pretty party you threw for her. i love those green candles.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Julie for your kind words about me. I love you so much. I'm also very proud of you and all your accomplishments. There must be some song "you make me proud" My birthday was a BEAUTIFUL ONE!
I never stopped smiling. Love you, MOM

pve design said...

I see that the "apple" or the "pear" did not fall far from the tree! What a lovely lady and how special to honor her with a nice party. My Mom has the same can-do inspiration. Raising "7" of us, she needed that can-do to make it all happen. I feel so much of her love and positive thinking have helped me be a better person, a better friend and daughter.

Lauren said...

what a fun night Julie!! love that you got if from your momma ;) the kids must've loved the balloons!!