Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Dream Come True! (Hopefully)

I love that my laundry room is on my main floor. But I've never loved the layout and poor use of a tiny space. 

The door from the kitchen and the door to the sunroom knock each other when the doors are open (which is almost always).

It's a cut through from the kitchen to the sunroom 

Unfortunately it almost always looks like this. 

There is nowhere to put/sort the laundry. 
The washer and dryer doors are so close to the wall it's really a feat of flexibility to get the laundry done without injury. 

It was just one of those rooms where things that don't have a place or that need a place just get tossed.

 I tried several times to use the peg board and make different shelving configurations. Nothing worked. 

This week the remodel project began and I'm positively giddy about the final-final plan. I've been designing and redesigning this space in my head for three years. I've had multiple quotes to do the job and that's usually where the plan comes to a screeching halt. 

With this plan I'm going to create a butler's pantry in the front part where I can store all my china, flatware and extensive milk glass collection. The laundry area will be in the back which will be covered with a floor to ceiling curtain.  Of all the plans I've come up with I think this one is the best and can you believe it's going to be the least expensive. 

I'm keeping it really simple and trying to make it elegant.  Can you have an elegant laundry room?....  Would you think I was crazy if I put this chandelier in there? 

For now I'm just happy to say, 
goodbye peg board

I'll keep you posted!

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the gardener's cottage said...

cannot wait to see the final layout. yes, you better put that chandelier in there. ok, i'll stop bossing you now.


Robyn said...

I agree you must put the chandelier in the laundry room. Can't wait to see the final reveal.

We are buying a new washer & dryer today. I've yet to tell my husband that the laundry room will be painted before the new machines arrive. I figure I'll wait until I have a delivery date.

carla said...

I can not wait to see the redo, I know it will be fabulous.

carla said...
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sewfarandaway said...

Just happy for you because that room would drive me crazy too! We pass through our laundry "room" from the garage to the kitchen...nothing good about it! Can't wait to see your redo!

kayce hughes said...

Yea! Very exciting.