Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hello Hellebores

See you soon tulips

 And don't even get me started you beautiful pink camellias! 

Can you tell I'm excited about spring?


Bonnie said...

It seems our gardens may be on the same page. Your blooms are beautiful! Hellebores are some of my favorites. Hugs, Bonnie

the gardener's cottage said...

hints of spring already. we haven't even had winter here yet julie. i did notice yesterday though that my foxglove (yours) is showing some green leaves. yay!

The Vintique Object said...

Hellebores are probably one of my top five favorites! Sigh. They look so pretty in arrangements.

Tia Gillanders Garner said...

Julie- Your garden looks beautiful. So sorry I cant be there to see it in person. Think you are a bit ahead of us up there, but I am going to go out and make sure I don't have any hellebores sneaking up that I had not noticed. Hope the Falls Church First Friday events went well. xoxo