Sunday, December 23, 2012

Quick Pixs of Christmas

Monkey Grass Hill at Christmas

This year the indoor decorations were pretty simple. I was trying to avoid red and have a nature theme throughout the house.  Yes, my boys complained that I was not being "traditional" but after that whole polka-dot cat concession I made, I decided this battle was mine to win.

 Lot's of turquoise and chandelier crystals to look like rain or ice drops. 

The mantle had peacock feathers and turquoise pine cone candles. Drew made the wreath in art class and I thought it was the perfect addition. 
(That dreamy photo effect you're seeing on the edges of all these pictures is because I dropped my camera)
I tucked greenery from the garden and pine cones in, on and around every surface.

I've got garland galore!

 Over every door

Draped on tables a
and even on my kitchen window sill

Matt and Drew did some custom designs. 
Gingerbread houses to adorn the kitchen shelves.
They took the whole thing VERY seriously.

Drew's was a modern style

Matt's was more traditional with the shingled roof

We hosted a holiday party

I like the way this painting looks like she's trying to decide which dessert to eat.

As usual, I didn't get any good pictures of all my hard work. 
People showed up right on time so I had to join the party.

I also hosted a neighborhood cookie swap. 
It was a "progressive party". 
We visited 4 different houses to see decorations and sample sweets. 
I baked our house favorite - shortbread
I also surprised the ladies with a white elephant gift exchange.
Many of the boxes had pieces of my jewelry. 

The booby prize was this crazy dancing carrot pin -- see how happy she is she got that one.

A few boxes had soap.
It was a lot of fun.

We've been busy and I'm looking forward, to slowing down and just spending the day with family on Tuesday. 

Merry Christmas!


pve design said...

You are Mrs.Claus"
Decorating, creating, baking, gifting....I think you could add all those services to your business card.
You look like your elves are very well trained.
How sweet you are with all you do. Enjoy slowing down and doing nothing.

the gardener's cottage said...

julie everything looks so perfect. love the garland everywhere and i really like the gingerbread houses. how fun! your neighbors are pretty lucky to have you around. the last white elephant gift i got was a xxl lime green tshirt that said world's best mother.

xo janet

Silver Magpies said...

Julie -

Love the simple garland and pine cones...beautiful. your food looks good too!

Happy New Year.

~ Nan

Unknown said...

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